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    Sushi deluxe

    Sushi deluxe


    The Deluxe Sushi pack offers buyers an excellent selection of five different delicious sushi options. In the pack, you’ll get Temari with smoked salmon, Round Maki with smoked salmon and vegetables, Square Maki with capelin roe, paprika and avocado, California with shrimp, and Temari with shrimp.

    All of the sushi are incredibly easy to prepare, and just need to be thawed at room temperature before being ready for you to enjoy the taste that’s as good as fresh when stored properly at -18°C or below. OrienBites utilizes a special technique when making the sushi to ensure that it stays moist. We lightly cook the rice in vinegar, so you won’t have the problem of dry rice found with many other kinds of frozen sushi. To add to this, the sushi will retain its fresh taste for at least a day when stored in the refrigerator after thawing. We’ve also included authentic soya sauce, for a real Japanese experience. Perfect for self-indulgence at home, lunch in the office, on-the-go.
    The Deluxe Sushi selection is the premium option in our range of sushi products, and there’s something inside for everybody to enjoy. The Deluxe Sushi pack is only available to private buyers via supermarkets.

    198g per confezione (12 pezzi), 12 confezioni per scatola


    Istruzioni per la cottura
    Istruzioni per lo scongelamento
    Rimuovere il sushi dalla confezione e lasciare il prodotto a temperatura ambiente (20°C circa) per 2,5 ore


    1. Temari con salmone affumicato– Ingredienti: riso cotto, salmone affumicato, asparago, paprika, SESAMO.

    2. Maki rotondo con salmoneaffumicato e verdure – Ingredienti: riso cotto, salmone affumicato, carota, paprika, asparago, alghe

    3. Maki quadrato con salmoneaffumicato, paprika e avocado – Ingredienti: riso cotto, salmone affumicato, avocado, paprika, alghe

    4. California con gamberetti– Ingredienti: riso cotto, gamberetti, paprika, SESAMO, asparago, alghe.

    5. Tamari con gamberetti– Ingredienti: risocotto, gamberetti, aneto.

    6. Wasabi

    7. Salsadi soia

    Prodotto congelato Conservare a-18 ° c

    Non ricongelare una volta scongelato.

    Peso netto: 260g

    Certified by

    • BRC Food Certificated
    • HACCP Certificated
    • RSPO Certificated
    • IFS food
    • ISO 22000

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