Fish Products


Coconut Shrimp Skewer

The OrienBites Coconut Shrimp Skewers build on the similar products of Torpedo Shrimp and Sesame Torpedo Shrimp, providing a similar eating experience but with an interesting twist. Coconut flakes are added to the batter mix to give the skewers an a...


Crab ‘N’ Shrimp

The delicious Crab ‘N’ Shrimp bites are a high-quality seafood snack option great for any occasion. A combination of three types of tasty shellfish meat – crab, shrimp and cuttlefish – is mixed with spring onion, lightly seasoned, and bea...


Sesame Torpedo Shrimp

The Sesame Torpedo Shrimp offer customers a twist on our original Torpedo Shrimp product that have proven so popular. To add a different flavour into the mix, we have added rich sesame seeds into the batter coating, giving each bite an even more aut...


Sushi Selection

The Sushi Selection box from OrienBites gives customers a varied selection of nine different sushi styles to choose from, including both vegetarian and seafood options. Each box contains Temari with shrimp, Temari with smoked salmon, Nigiri with shri...


Tail on Shrimp Roll 10g

The Tail on Shrimp Rolls are an excellent choice for anybody who enjoys a quick, easy seafood snack. Specially designed for the European market, these filo shrimp bites are the ideal product to serve in casual environments like bars or cafés, at afte...


Tempura Shrimp-18g

The OrienBites Tempura Shrimp are an excellent choice for anybody looking for a way to enjoy moreish, classic Japanese-style food. Tempura refers to the method of frying in a special batter, which originates in Japan and is thought to have been influ...



Gua Bao - Available in two sizes, these steam rolls can be filled with anything you like, and help you to bring the authentic Taiwanese street food classic right into your kitchen, ready to serve in minutes.


Oriental Veg Cigar - The exclusive design of the Oriental Veg Cigar makes it one of our most popular products. Each portion is packed with tasty oyster mushroom, soy sauce, garlic and more and encased in pastry in a convenient cylinder shape. Great with dipping sauces.