Poultry Products


Chicken Gyoza

The OrienBites Chicken Gyoza are a premium take on the popular Asian dumplings. The Gyoza is a Japanese dish, but it is thought to be based on an ancient Chinese style of dumpling eaten in rural China for thousands of years. The Japanese were inspire...


Chicken Spring Roll

The OrienBites Chicken Spring Rolls are a delicious and light take on the classic oriental dish that is so enduringly popular with consumers throughout the world. Our mini 20g size is the perfect portion for snacking, presenting on a platter at parti...


Chicken Tikka Samosa

The OrienBites Chicken Tikka Samosa packs in a mouth-watering explosion of flavour each individually wrapped portion. The samosa is a traditional Indian product that has grown in popularity and is now increasingly enjoyed all over Europe by people fr...


Duck Springrolls 20g

The OrienBites Duck Spring Rolls offer a tasty alternative to our range of other spring rolls. The more rich, indulgent duck meat is what makes this style of spring roll such a delicacy in China, the country from where they originate. Inside the oute...


Green Curry Chicken Deli 12g

The Green Curry Chicken Deli bites are the ideal snack product to suit a range of food providers, such as catered events, restaurants, and more. Based on the classic Thai Green Curry dish, the high-quality filling of mixed vegetables, succulent chick...


Japanese Yakitori 15g

Yakitori are a traditional Japanese food that have existed for generations and are now widely-loved across Europe. These Yakitori consist of juicy marinated chicken along with the Japanese spirit Saké and mirin, so have a distinctive, sweet, and auth...


Oriental Chicken Cigar 20g

The Oriental Chicken Cigars are a tasty, snack-sized oriental-style product, with OrienBites being one of the first companies to bring this innovative product to the European market. An outer layer of light pastry surrounds the juicy chicken, combine...


Oriental Chicken Snacks 12g

The Oriental Chicken Snacks pack contains a delicious combination of four of our best chicken products. In the box, you’ll find bite-sized Chicken Money Bags with green curry, Chicken Wontons1 (also named after Wanton) with sweet and sour sauce, Chic...


Sweet ‘N’ Sour Chicken Spring Roll

The OrienBites Sweet ‘N’ Sour Chicken Spring Rolls offer an exotic, easy to prepare option for a wide range of occasions. The universally-loved sweet ‘n’ sour sauce inside the rolls strikes a tasty balance between sweetness (naturally sweetened with ...


Tandoori Skewers 20g

The OrienBites Tandoori Skewers are a handy, delicious, Indian-style snack product suitable for a wide range of occasions. The word ‘Tandoor’ means ‘Clay Oven’, reflecting the traditional Indian cooking method of the food. We stick to the traditions ...


Thai Yakitori -15g

Yakitori originated in Japan, but their popularity has since spread even to Europe. Our Thai-style Yakitori bites are made from top-quality ingredients and individually packaged onto skewers in convenient 15g portions. This snack-sized serving is per...


Yakitori Mix

The OrienBites Yakitori Mix pack is a convenient combination of three excellent Yakitori styles in one box. Containing three of our top products – Japanese Yakitori, Thai Yakitori , and Tandoori Yakitori – there’s sure to be something fo...


Yakitori Soya 25g

Yakitori are a traditional Japanese food that have existed for generations and are now widely-loved across the world. These Yakitori consist of juicy marinated chicken along with soya and mirin, placed on individual skewers. The Yakitori are both eas...



Gua Bao - Available in two sizes, these steam rolls can be filled with anything you like, and help you to bring the authentic Taiwanese street food classic right into your kitchen, ready to serve in minutes.


Oriental Veg Cigar - The exclusive design of the Oriental Veg Cigar makes it one of our most popular products. Each portion is packed with tasty oyster mushroom, soy sauce, garlic and more and encased in pastry in a convenient cylinder shape. Great with dipping sauces.