Vegetarian Products


Cantonese Spring roll

The Chinese-style Cantonese Spring Rolls are a quick, easy, delicious snack-sized food to suit any occasion. Inside each roll of crunchy pastry, you’ll find a tasty mix of classic Asian vegetables, such as cabbage, onion, pea and potato, lightly seas...


Cocktail Samosa

The humble samosa is a classic dish, recognized throughout the world and well-loved even in Europe, far from its original home in India. OrienBites brings you a amazing version of the classic samosa, with our Cocktail Samosa. Each bite-sized Cocktail...


Cocktail Vegetarian Spring Roll 15g

The Cocktail Vegetarian Spring Rolls bring customers an authentic taste of the Orient in a snack-sized, easy-to-prepare package, filled with rich flavours. Suitable for a wide range of occasions, they’re sure to please everyone. Despite each portion ...


Crispy Veg Deli

These vegetable-filled bundles are a great snack option for any lover of Asian food. Each coin pouch-shaped bundle of crispy pastry is packed with an appetising mixture of traditional Asian vegetables, herbs and spices, including carrot, cabbage, bas...


Gua Bao

Gua Bao, otherwise known as steam rolls, are a ubiquitous food around many parts of Asia and massively popular in Taiwan as street food. They’ve also seen a huge boom in popularity around Europe in recent years. The OrienBites version takes the class...


Onion Bhaji

A beloved dish, enjoyed by people far beyond its country of origin, the Onion Bhaji is a classic and delicious Indian food that looks great on any menu. The OrienBites Onion Bhaji is vegetarian, vegan and halal, so a great alternative to animal-based...


Oriental Veg Cigar

One of our most popular products, the Oriental Veg Cigar is an innovative, exciting and most importantly, delicious dish that everyone is sure to enjoy. With no animal products, these make an excellent vegetarian, vegan and halal alternative to our O...


Thai Spring Roll

The Thai Spring Rolls from OrienBites pack a huge amount of exotic Asian tastes into a handy snack-sized package. While fully vegetarian, vegan and halal, every roll is bursting with mouthwatering flavours. Each roll, surrounded by a crispy pastry ou...


Vegetarian Spring Roll

The Vegetarian Spring Rolls are a convenient, tasty, versatile product, loved all over Europe as a classic Asian dish. Created from an authentic Asian-style recipe, the OrienBites spring rolls manage to be fully vegetarian, vegan and halal, while pac...


Vietnamese Spring Roll

Our tasty Vietnamese Spring Rolls are an exciting style of the classic spring roll, inspired by the authentic taste of Vietnam, a country famed for its excellent cuisine. The crispy layered pastry encases each roll of mixed traditional Vietnamese fil...



Gua Bao - Available in two sizes, these steam rolls can be filled with anything you like, and help you to bring the authentic Taiwanese street food classic right into your kitchen, ready to serve in minutes.


Oriental Veg Cigar - The exclusive design of the Oriental Veg Cigar makes it one of our most popular products. Each portion is packed with tasty oyster mushroom, soy sauce, garlic and more and encased in pastry in a convenient cylinder shape. Great with dipping sauces.