Notre qualité OrienBites

Découvrez le goût authentique de l'Asie !

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We wish to offer premium quality delicious oriental food to customers who are craving for authentic oriental taste.

We produce our products in Asia using the highest grade of ingredients that are locally produced in factories with best food safety best standards in food safety.

At OrienBites we produce, import and distribute authentic Asian food products. We offer a complete range of oriental snack and meals under our brand and private label to high-quality foodservice and premium supermarkets.


Filip Meeus


Customer for years… always satisfied with the quality. As well the’ Clean Label ‘is important in the communication of our company.

Johan Mertens


Three reasons why I work with OrienBites. They are the excellent price/quality ratio, fast service and a big range in selection.

Jordy Middelbosch


Stop smoking and enjoy these OrienBites Chicken Cigars!

Nick Schenkels


We use Japanese Yakitori in the party room since 2008. In taste and convenience, the best choice for large groups.

John Bogget


The very tasty spring rolls from OrienBites are also an indispensable part of the extensive
range of De Hapmobiel for parties and events.