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Gyoza originates  from ancient China and became a  beloved dish in today’s Japan.

Our frozen Gyoza are handmade in the real Japanese way.  Factory workers are manually wrapping the exotic mixture of chicken, vegetables, Japanese rice liquor (Saké) into individual dough layers. As a result, they obtain delicious bite-sized dumplings of convenient size and superior taste.

There are several ways to cook them, directly from frozen. Anyone can prepare and serve a delicious main or side dish within minutes.

OrienBites’ Clean Label certification covers all ingredients. Therefore it gives buyers, consumers the guarantee of  quality.

Thus, tasting our chicken Gyoza offers consumers the unique opportunity  to bring the authentic taste of Japan into their homes.


12pcs/box (265g total) x 12box/carton

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Preparation Instructions & Basic Ingredients

Cooking Instructions

Steam & Fry: Steam the gyoza in a steamer for 3 minutes. Finish the cooking by frying in a frying pan at 140-150°C until the gyoza just begin to turn a golden brown.

Pan fry: Preheat the oil in a frying pan to 140-150°C. Add the frozen gyoza, spacing evenly. Fry until the bottom of each gyoza is slightly charred and golden brown colour.


Chicken, WHEAT flour, cabbage, vegetable oil (palm), SESAME oil, ginger, vegetable (sunflower) oil, white pepper. Sake contains: water, alcohol, rice, yeast …

Allergens: WHEAT, SESAME

Frozen Product
Store at -18°C
No need to defrost
For best results, cook from frozen. If defrosted, do not refreeze.

Net Weight: 265gm

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