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    Potato Shrimp 25g

    Potato Shrimp 25g


    25gm per piece x 10 pieces per box (250g) x 12 pkg per carton


    Cooking Details

    Deep Fry: Preheat oil to 170 °C. Deep fry product for 4 minutes or until
    golden brown


    Potato, fish paste, shrimp, tapioca starch, soybean oil, salt, garlic,..
    Allergens: Fish, soybean, shrimp

    This product is HALAL– certified”

    “Frozen Product
    Store at -18°C
    No need to defrost
    For best results, cook from frozen. If defrosted, do not refreeze.

    Net Weight: 250g”

    Certified by

      • IFS food

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