Why Is It Safe?

No chemical soaking orienbites

No chemical soaking

No Artificial flavour orienbites

No Artificial flavour

No Artificial color orienbites

No Artificial color

No Artificial preservative orienbites

No Artificial preservative

OrienBites clean label guarantee is part of our commitment to use higher grade of ingredients so that we can offer products that are healthier and environment friendly.

We’re proud to say that, following years of effort, the entire OrienBites product range now carries our Clean Label guarantee. This guarantee covers all ingredients found in any of our products, as well as anything used throughout the entire production process.

We strictly follow these rules to ensure all our products adhere to the OrienBites Clean Label promise:

  • Free from artificial flavour enhancer
    → We do not use artificial flavour enhancers in our products and strive to achieve the authentic taste by using natural ingredients. (MSG ((E621) is a common additive in Asian foods that has been strongly associated with harmful health effects.) Free from yeast extract, which are used these to stimulate taste experience.
  • No polyphosphate soaking
    →  Sodium Tripolyphosphate (E450) is not used in any of our fish or shrimp products. (STTP (Na5P3O10) is an inorganic compound regularly used to soak seafood in order to increase weight and profit margins. This process reduces the quality of the food, making it watery and tasteless, as well as ruining the natural texture. It also increases sodium intake, which can have a negative impact on health.)
  • Free from artificial preservatives
    → We don’t add any preservatives to any of our product range
  • Free from artificial colouring
    → All of our products are 100% free from any artificial colours, so everything you see is completely natural and colours in the filling or apperance is given through natural ingredients.

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