Retail Products


Deluxe Sushi

The Deluxe Sushi pack offers buyers an excellent selection of five different delicious sushi options. In the pack, you’ll get Temari with smoked salmon, Round Maki with smoked salmon and vegetables, Square Maki with capelin roe, paprika and avocado, ...



These premium-quality chicken Gyoza offer consumers an excellent opportunity to bring the authentic taste of Japan into their own homes. The Gyoza is actually thought to be derived from ancient China originally but has been adapted over the generatio...


Dim Sum

Our Dim Sum Retail Pack provides buyers with a specially-selected mixture of three of our best Dim Sum styles, all in one handy box. Each pack contains Cantonese-style options of Yellow Hakao with shrimp and turmeric colouring, Red Siomay with shrimp...


Oriental Pack

With the Oriental Pack, we’ve included a diverse selection of three different chicken snack products, so consumers have the choice to enjoy their favourite and there’s always something for everyone. Each pack contains Chicken Tikka Samosas with India...



Our Yakitori bites are a delicious and convenient version of the traditional Japanese dish that is widely-popular as a street food in Asia, and now even in restaurants all over Europe and the rest of the world. Premium-quality chicken meat, marinated...


Vegetarian Spring Roll Retail Pack

The Vegetarian Spring Rolls are a delicious, authentic-tasting Asian food, enjoyed throughout Europe. Created from a traditional Asian-style recipe, these rolls are 100% halal, vegetarian and vegan and still manage to be bursting with refreshing, exo...



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Gua Bao - Available in two sizes, these steam rolls can be filled with anything you like, and help you to bring the authentic Taiwanese street food classic right into your kitchen, ready to serve in minutes.


Premium Dim Sum - A selection of three premium dim sum varieties - Red Siomay with shrimp and with red beet, Vegetarian Green Gyoza with chive, and Yellow Hakao with shrimp and turmeric.


Oriental Veg Cigar - The exclusive design of the Oriental Veg Cigar makes it one of our most popular products. Each portion is packed with tasty oyster mushroom, soy sauce, garlic and more and encased in pastry in a convenient cylinder shape. Great with dipping sauces.