5 Amazing Facts About Spring Rolls That You Probably Didn’t Know

Asia is a diverse land with culinary histories that date back thousands of years. With its long history, every country in Asia boasts a vast range of exotic dishes and delightful snacks that will satisfy your hunger and curiosity.

The spring rolls are one of such exquisite bites. With a very simple construction (assorted fillings rolled inside fried wrappers), this Vietnamese dish is the perfect food choice for all occasions, whether a stylish BBQ party or a homemade dinner with friends and family members. Below are some really cool facts about spring rolls that help you appreciate the dish even more!

Spring Rolls are Common Across Asian Cultures

Spring rolls are not exactly one staple dish of a particular culture but are actually a group of similar dishes across East Asian and Southeast Asian cultures. In China, spring rolls are consumed during spring and feature spring vegetables such as cabbages as well as fresh meat, hence the name. In Vietnam, spring rolls are typically smaller and wrapped in rice paper, which gives them a unique crunchy texture that melts in your mouth.

Spring Rolls in The Netherlands Actually from Indonesia

Spring rolls as they are known in most of The Netherlands and Belgium actually originated from Indonesia, where they are known as lumpia. Lumpia features a filling with beansprouts, chopped omelette, and sliced meat such as chicken or pork. As immigrants from Indonesia moved to The Netherlands, they brought with them the flavours of their home, popularising the dish in the country and Belgium.

Spring Rolls can be Frozen and Reheated for Later Meals

If you have accidentally made too many spring rolls for a meal, don’t worry! Spring rolls can be put in your freezer and then reheated for a later meal with ease. Even after being reheated, they still retain the crispy and crunchy texture they are known for!

Spring Rolls are Very Healthy Snacks

Packed inside each spring roll are usually a combination of proteins as well as healthy vegetables. Depending on the spring rolls, the source of protein can be duck meat, chicken, or pork, making for a huge variety of exotic flavours that will elevate your culinary experience. Spring rolls provide a good variety of nutrients that your body needs, helping you to stay in shape.

Spring Rolls can be Prepared in Just Minutes

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to prepare delicious spring rolls for your party. If you have bought frozen spring rolls, you can then pan-fry them or air-fry them to reheat, and the spring rolls will be ready for your enjoyment. Baking also works with them, making them versatile dishes to be enjoyed by all households.

Spring rolls offer exotic bites that will elevate your culinary experience, taking you on a magical trip to exotic Asia. If you are looking for the best spring rolls to taste, our spring rolls collection features a diverse range of choices that cater to all your needs.