5 Amazing Tips to Help You Prepare Better Fried Snacks

For a long time, fried snacks have been a staple comfort food for office employees as well as people from all walks of life. Though fried snacks are not exactly the most popular choice, they do offer amazing tastes and a crunchy texture that invites more and more bites. Who could resist some indulgent fried snacks after long working hours? If you wish to offer the best fried snacks to your famished customers, check out these amazing tips!

Choose the Right Cooking Oil 

Aside from the ingredients, cooking oil is the single most important component of a great fried snack. Each type of cooking oil comes with a different smoke point, which is the temperature at which the oil will start smoking, producing toxic fumes and free radicals. 

For frying, you will want to pick cooking oils with high smoke points to prevent free radicals, which can cause negative health effects, from forming. Your available choices include sunflower oil, almond oil, hazelnut oil, or refined olive oil. Almond oil and hazelnut oil both have unique flavours that can complement fried snacks. If you opt for a more cost-effective solution, sunflower oil would be the most fitting choice. 

Wait for the Perfect Temperature

Frying is all about precision if you wish to create crunchy and crispy snacks. Before adding the food to the fryer, let the oil cook thoroughly until it reaches 160-190 degrees depending on what you are cooking. Only then should you add the food to the fryer. This method helps to increase your frying efficiency as well as preserve the texture of the food more effectively. 

Use Enough Oil 

It might be tempting to overfill your commercial fryer with food and oil to cut down on cooking time, but this behaviour puts your business and employees in danger. Having just the right amount of oil and food within the fryer in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer to keep your staff safe as well as improve the lifespan of your fryer.

Don’t Salt the Food Before Frying 

Salting the food before cooking is a popular way to season it, but this method only works with grilling and sautéing. For frying, this does not work, and it can even put you in danger as the salt may cause the oil to splatter on the cook. Adding salt to the fryer may also lower the smoke point of certain cooking oil types, causing even more negative health effects to the staff. What you could do instead is salting and seasoning the fried snacks immediately after frying. The oil will help the seasoning stick to the snacks, creating a delicious outer skin. 

Wear Proper Clothing and Protective Footwear

Cooking oil is very dangerous, and oil burns are difficult to treat. For this reason, your staff should be encouraged to wear protective clothing and footwear to protect against hot oil splatter. Choose slip-resistant footwear to prevent accidents that could potentially harm your staff’s health. You could also wear heat-resistant gloves or mittens to help against the heat, but you have to prioritize your own mobility above all. 


Fried snacks are delectable treats that always have a faithful following, so you can always find the right customers wherever you are based. By following these tips, you will be able to improve your operations and safeguard your fryer staff more effectively. If you wish to elevate your menu with exotic Asian fried snacks, check out OrienBites’ full range of products here!