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In the vibrant and diverse lands of the Orient, where centuries-old culinary traditions intertwine with rich cultural heritage, a visionary entrepreneur embarked on a flavourful journey with a dream of introducing the authentic taste of the East to the world. This passion for preserving the homeland’s culinary treasures led to the creation of OrienBites, now a leading producer and marketer of high-quality frozen Oriental snacks. From a young age, the founder of Orienbites displayed an innate talent for crafting dishes that beautifully balanced the essence of traditional spices with a touch of contemporary innovation. Growing up amid the tantalizing scents of his mother’s kitchen, his culinary prowess ignited a deep desire to share the rich heritage of Oriental cuisine with people from all walks of life.

Inspired by the colourful markets and bustling street stalls of his native country, the visionary entrepreneur found fascination in unique culinary experiences and a passion for bringing the best of the East to the global stage. This innate drive to share the flavours of Asia with the world fuelled his determination to make a significant impact. As his formative years unfolded, he embarked on a journey of extensive travel through the enchanting lands of the Orient. Exploring the diverse countries and immersing themselves in the myriad of cultures, they sought to unearth the hidden culinary gems that lay scattered throughout the region. From the bustling night markets of Taiwan to the ancient spice bazaars of India, he traversed through vibrant streets and tasted a myriad of flavours that would leave a lasting impression on his culinary soul. He wandered through the narrow alleys of Japan, learning the art of delicate sushi-making and the mastery of traditional ramen. In the heart of Thailand, he engaged with local chefs, learning the intricacies of balancing sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavours that define Thai cuisine; explored the aromatic tea plantations of China, where centuries of tea traditions seeped into his senses, inspiring him with each sip. Throughout his extensive travels, he not only discovered the wealth of ingredients and flavours unique to each country but also formed deep connections with the people who brought these culinary traditions to life. From sharing meals with humble street vendors to being invited into the kitchens of seasoned grandmothers, every encounter enriched their appreciation for the region’s culinary heritage.

These experiences became the driving force behind his vision for OrienBites – a brand that would not only celebrate the flavours of the East but also serve as a conduit for cultural exchange and appreciation. Drawing from the profound impact of their travel experiences, he infused the essence of his journey into the range of the products, making it a culinary tapestry that embraced the heart and soul of the Orient. United by his love for heritage and driven by the desire to redefine the perception of Oriental cuisine, the visionary entrepreneur and his team embarked on a mission to share the authentic flavours of the East with the world. To ensure each product was a masterpiece of taste and authenticity, they collaborated with a team of skilled chefs, infusing each snack with the very soul of its origin. Using only the finest ingredients, sourced directly from farmers and producers in the region, they captured the essence of the Orient in every bite, creating a symphony of flavours that took people on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

OrienBites transcended being just a business; it became a tribute to the vibrant culture, the rich history, and the timeless traditions of the East. The visionary entrepreneur was committed to giving back to the communities that inspired them, fostering sustainability through ethical sourcing practices and forging partnerships with local cooperatives, ensuring a positive impact on the regions they touched.  As OrienBites made its way into kitchens across the globe, it became a symbol of cultural appreciation and culinary delight. The impeccable quality and authentic flavors of OrienBites have also earned our products a special place in the hearts of HoReCa professionals, who confidently choose these delightful Oriental snacks to elevate their menus and offer their patrons a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Today, OrienBites stands as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the boundless potential of dreams. The entrepreneurial spirit, culinary heritage, and extensive travel experiences come alive, introducing the world to the alluring flavours of the Orient – a fusion of tradition and innovation, where the love for food knows no boundaries. Unleash the essence of the Orient with OrienBites and embark on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure. Let the flavorful journey of OrienBites unfold in every mouthwatering bite, where heritage meets modernity, and where the spirit of the East comes alive on your palate.

What We Do

At OrienBites we produce, import and distribute authentic Asian food products. We offer a complete range of oriental snack and meals under our brand and private label to high-quality foodservice and premium supermarkets.

Why We Do It

We wish to offer premium quality delicious oriental food to customers who are craving for authentic oriental taste.

How We Do This

We produce our products in Asia using the highest grade of ingredients that are locally produced in factories with best food safety best standards in food safety.


  • HapMobiel
    The very tasty spring rolls from OrienBites are an indispensable part of the extensive range of De Hapmobiel for parties and events.
    John Bogget
      - De Hapmobiel
  • lameau
    We use Japanese Yakitori in the party room since 2008. In terms of taste and convenience, it is the best choice for large groups.
    Nick Schenkels
      - Restaurant Owner - LAM'EAU
  • jordy
    Stop smoking and enjoy these OrienBites Chicken Cigars!
    Jordy Middelbosch
      - Foodyard Bidfood
  • bistrodenderendlekker
    Three reasons why I work with OrienBites. They have excellent price quality ratio, fast service and a big range in selection.
    Johan Mertens
      - Bistro Owner/Chef - Denderdend Lekker
  • Antwerp Bowling
    I’ve been a customer for years… always satisfied with the quality. The’ Clean Label ‘is important to our company.
    Filip Meeus
      - Zaakvoerder Antwerp Bowling

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