Are Frozen Foods Bad for You?

Frozen foods have got a pretty bad reputation as unhealthy emergency food that you would cook if on a lazy day, but how much of this is actually true? In this article, we will go through some of the most popular myths regarding frozen foods as well as the truths.

Myth: Frozen Foods are not Made from Real Ingredients

Truth: Frozen foods are made from the same fresh ingredients as most homecooked meals. The only difference is that the frozen foods go through the flash freezing process, which prepares the foods for long-distance shipping and storage. This process also does not drastically change the texture of the ingredients, and factories often have their own rules to prevent frostbite, preserving as many nutrients as possible.

Myth: Frozen Foods Always Taste Bad

Truth: Much like homecooked meals, frozen foods vary greatly when it comes to taste and quality. If the quality of the ingredients is bad, you are likely to find the meal unappetizing, irrespective of whether it is a reheated meal or not. Conversely, frozen meals made from high-quality ingredients such as OrienBites’ Asian snacks will taste just as amazing as a restaurant meal.

Myth: Frozen Foods are Unhealthy

Truth: Modern frozen foods come in huge varieties, including healthy options as well as vegan options. These options enable you to eat a healthy diet even when you are unable to cook a healthy meal yourself, helping you to stay fit and healthy all the time.

Myth: Frozen Foods are Bad for the Environment

Truth: Frozen foods are amazing for long-term storage and rationing. You can just take out as much food as you need and freeze the rest for later. Thus, you are saving a lot of food in the long run by using frozen foods. Furthermore, frozen foods manufacturers such as OrienBites have pivoted towards more sustainable packaging solutions that vastly reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Myth: Frozen Foods are Ready-to-Eat Meals

Truth: Most frozen meals will require some level of preparation before they are ready to eat. For example, OrienBites’ chicken gyozas will need to be pan-steamed or steamed before you can eat them. This preparatory step is your perfect chance to add your own condiments as well as spices to your liking. Add some garnish to go with your frozen meal, and now you have a delicious meal that can rival any home-cooked meal!


Frozen foods have gone from simple reheatable meals with few variations to delectable gourmet experiences, and they will only get better. OrienBites’ frozen products are made by artisans with a passion for what they are doing, and we only use the best ingredients for all of our products. If you wish to recreate a gourmet experience from the comfort of your home, our range of products offers the perfect ingredients for your fantasy!