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    12pcs/box (265g total) x 12box/carton


    Istruzioni per la cottura

    Cottura al fornopreriscalda il forno a 180 ° C. Distribuire gli elementi in modo uniforme su una teglia e cuocere per 13-15 minuti o fino a doratura.

    Pan Fry: Preheat the oil in a frying pan to 140-150°C. Add the frozen gyoza, spacing evenly. Fry until the bottom of each gyoza is slightly charred a golden brown colour then add approx. 100ml water while the heat is still on (take care for splashing liquid). Cover the pan and cook until the water has completely evaporated. Serve immediately.


    Chicken, WHEAT flour, cabbage, vegetable oil (palm), SESAME oil, ginger, vegetable (sunflower) oil, white pepper. Sake contains: water, alcohol, rice, yeast …

    Allergeni: FRUMENTO, SESAMO

    Questo prodotto è certificato HALAL



    Net Weight: 265gm

    Certified by

      • IFS food

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