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    Tempura Shrimp-22g

    Tempura Shrimp-22g


    The OrienBites Tempura Shrimp are an excellent choice for anybody looking for a way to enjoy moreish, classic Japanese-style food. Tempura refers to the method of frying in a special batter, which originates in Japan and is thought to have been influenced by the Portuguese but adapted by the locals into the delicacy it is today, hundreds of years later.

    While tempura is available in many styles, this product is a simple yet delicious dish of shrimp in crispy, light tempura batter and beautifully presented in individual portions. Each portion is a convenient 18g, which combined with its easy preparation make it an obvious choice for caterers, hotels, restaurants, and other food businesses.

    We recommend pairing the Tempura Shrimp with refreshing vegetables such as Chinese cabbage or sliced cucumber to complement the crispy deep fried shrimp, but they’re equally good served on their own.
    Also note that this product is halal certified which offers new perspectives to attract more or different customers to your business.

    22gm per piece x 36-37 pieces per box (800gm) x 6 boxes per carton


    Cooking Instructions
    Deep Fry: Preheat oil to 175°C. Fry the product for 3 minutes or until golden brown.

    Coating {water, tempura powder [WHEAT flour, corn starch, corn grits, vegetable oil (palm & corn), salt, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, aluminium potassium sulphate, calcium phosphates)], vegetable oil (palm), predust (cassava starch, EGG albumen powder, calcium), WHEAT fibre, salt}, SHRIMP.

    Allergens: WHEAT, EGG, SHRIMP
    This product is HALAL– certified
    Frozen Product
    Store at -18°C
    For best results, cook from frozen. If defrosted, do not refreeze.
    Net Weight: 800gm

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