Yakitori – A Snippet of Japanese Snack Culture

Japanese cuisine is among the most popular and revered culinary cultures around the world. With a strong emphasis on the harmony between good ingredients and flavourful marinades, Japanese cuisine offers a complex taste palette with a delicate texture, making it the perfect choice for everyone around the world.

Though most people are more familiar with sushi and sashimi, yakitori is also a great Japanese staple that never fails to show up at any Japanese drinking party. With their characteristic charred flavour and smoky aroma, yakitori skewers are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for an exotic taste!

How Yakitori is Eaten in Japan

Yakitori encompasses a wide range of different skewers in Japan. Even different regional variations exist, so you will never run out of interesting yakitori variants to try. The common denominator between all of them is the ingredient: Chicken. Yakitori skewers make use of all parts of the chicken, so you will find not just chicken thighs or chicken wings but also chicken
hearts and gizzards.

In Japan, yakitori is a staple dish at izakaya restaurants, a kind of pub where office workers would gather together for a drink after long hours at work. The smoky aroma of yakitori skewers, the drinks, and the camaraderie all make for lovely memories that last for years to come.

An interesting fact about yakitori in Japan: You don’t actually have to take the chicken off the skewers to enjoy them. In Japan, people would often just rip the chicken off the skewers to preserve the aroma of the bamboo skewer.

What Makes Yakitori Special?

Authentic yakitori skewers are always char-grilled to add a characteristic smoky flavour, which sets yakitori skewers apart from other similar grilled skewers. Furthermore, before the skewers
are grilled, they are marinated in a special sauce that blends savouriness with a touch of sweetness. Traditionally, the sauce is made from soy sauce and garlic, but different restaurants
will add their own twist to the mix for a unique taste.

How to Enjoy Yakitori Skewers from the Comfort of Your Home

Yakitori skewers are pretty common sights in Japan, but they are quite hard to come by outside of the country. You would have to visit Japanese restaurants to find them, and not every restaurant offers this delicacy. Fortunately, you can now enjoy this exotic dish thanks to OrienBties Japanese Yakitori.

Made by passionate artisans using traditional recipes, our Japanese Yakitori are frozen at the end of the production process to make sure that the flavours as well as the aroma are preserved throughout the transportation process. Preparations will be extremely easy, as you can use either a microwave, an oven, or a grill to prepare this top delicacy.


Japanese yakitori is an exotic Asian snack that truly deserves more attention, as it is not just comfort food but also an icon in Japanese culinary culture. If you are looking to try this delicacy from the comfort of your home, try our delicious Japanese Yakitori!