4 Top Healthy Asian Food for Your Meals

Asia is a land with diverse cultures and cuisines that date back thousands of years. In every corner of the continent, you will find a pleasant surprise that offers unique taste palettes.

One of the most defining traits of Asian food is the harmony between ingredients. For thousands of years, Asian chefs have incorporated a wide range of ingredients, spices, and cooking methods to create delectable dishes full of nutrients, and that is why Asian foods are some of the healthiest choices out there. If you wish to dive into the exotic world of Asian cuisines, these four healthy Asian foods will be a great place to start.

Spring Rolls

As a festive dish that celebrates the coming of spring, spring rolls are the staple healthy Asian snack for many Asian cultures. The actual ingredients and even the skin of the spring rolls depend on the culture and the diaspora, but the average spring rolls would include a combination of fresh spring vegetables and proteins such as pork, duck, or chicken. This harmonious combination of ingredients ensures that spring rolls offer a diverse range of healthy nutrients. If you find fried spring rolls too oily for your taste, try summer rolls. Using fresh ingredients and rice paper, summer rolls are refreshing and healthy afternoon snacks that you will love.


The staple snack from Japan! Sushi is a fresh and delectable Asian food that combines the savoury delight of fish with filling rice. Though traditional sushi is made of raw fish for the most part, modern chefs have experimented with different ingredients such as prawns, octopuses, squids, scallops, or even beef. Though sushi might look deceptively small, just a few bites will be enough to fill your stomach and sate your hunger, making it the best healthy Asian snack to lose weight.

Gua bao

If you have accidentally made too many spring rolls for a meal, don’t worry! Spring rolls can be put in your freezer and then reheated for a later meal with ease. Even after being reheated, they still retain the crispy and crunchy texture they are known for! Depending on how you prepare your gua bao, it can be an indulgent cheat-day snack or a healthy staple of your diet. By themselves, gua baos feature little calories, so the filling is all that matters. If you wish to make the healthiest gua bao possible, replace your proteins with delicious, stir-fried vegetables. The result will blow you away.


Another exotic bite from the country of Japan! Yakitori is a type of chicken skewer that is often served as a snack food in Japan. Before the chicken is grilled, it is marinated in a special sauce called tare, which gives it a sweet and salty flavour with a lingering aftertaste. In traditional kitchens, yakitori is grilled on a charcoal grill to impart a slightly smoky aroma, making it the perfect choice for cold winter nights with your friends and colleagues. Typically, lean meat is used to make yakitori, so it offers a good amount of healthy protein, which helps you build up muscle mass. Yakitori also doesn’t have a lot of fat, which could be harmful to your body.


Thanks to its diverse cultures, flora, and fauna, Asia offers some of the best healthy snacks around the world. Asian snacks are not just healthy, but they also taste exquisite and flavourful, enabling you to enrich your culinary experience or surprise your guests.
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