5 Delicious Asian Vegan Snacks to Elevate Your Meal

Vegan foods often get bad reputations for being bland and uninteresting, but the truth couldn’t be more different. Asian vegan dishes such as tofu have long been used extensively in the locals’ diet for centuries, and they are among some of the most delicious as well as flavourful dishes you could try. If you wish to create a better vegan menu with cheap and easy-to-prepare Asian snacks, below are five amazing choices. 

Vegan Spring Rolls

The delicious spring rolls are a staple in Asian cuisine, having been around for centuries. Traditional spring rolls use a mixture of ground meat, fresh vegetables, and wood-ear mushrooms, creating a harmonious burst of flavours. Modern vegan spring rolls replace the meat with even more vegetables. Some might include unconventional choices. For example, OrienBites vegetarian spring rolls have extra potato and carrot for extra crunchiness. 

Gua Bao 

Featuring a soft and chewy texture, gua bao is a delicious Asian snack that comes from Taiwan. Traditionally eaten with a meaty pork belly filling, you can easily replace the meat with sour mustard and braised tofu for the same texture and flavours, now completely vegan! OrienBites offers a vast range of gua bao with plenty of different sizes, from 40gr to 70gr.

Vegetable Bhaji

Also known as pakora in many regions of India, bhajis are common street foods that have become an integral part of every Indian’s life. A typical bhaji would simply include fried vegetables pre-seasoned with spices such as cardamon, garlic powder, chilli powder, gingers, and curry leaves. It will then be fried until golden brown, or the desired texture is achieved. With OrienBites onion bhajis, you can easily recreate this Indian classic and bring this unique taste palette to a wider audience. 


The staple of Asian vegetarian cuisine, the humble tofu holds an extraordinarily important position even in non-vegan diets. Originating from China, tofu is made from soybeans that have been crushed and boiled thoroughly. The curds are then separated from the milk and pressed into cakes of firm tofu. In East Asia, tofu is an indispensable source of protein for monks as well as priests, who are forbidden to eat meat or animal products. That said, tofu can be combined with non-vegan dishes to make delicious meals such as mapo tofu or budae-jjigae, a popular Korean stew.

Tofu Skin

A byproduct of the tofu-making process, tofu skin is a thin strip of bean curd that forms on top of the milk pot while it is being boiled. The cook would use a pair of chopsticks to skim the skin off hot milk. They would then let the skin dry until it becomes a thin strip with a bland taste, which makes tofu skin the perfect choice for soups or hotpots, as it can absorb the flavours quite easily. 


Asia is the home to some of the most unique and flavourful vegan foods around the world. If you wish to bring these exotic tastes to Western customers, OrienBites offers the perfect solution with our wide range of frozen foods. Contact us now for more information about our expertise!