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    Tail on Shrimp Roll 10g

    Tail on Shrimp Roll 10g


    The Tail on Shrimp Rolls are an excellent choice for anybody who enjoys a quick, easy seafood snack. Specially designed for the European market, these filo shrimp bites are the ideal product to serve in casual environments like bars or cafés, at after-work events, cocktail parties and more.

    Preparing the Tail on Shrimp Rolls is very quick and non-demanding, which makes them a great choice for restaurants, hotels, and caterers running events where time is tight. The products are all pre-fried before freezing, so all that’s needed is a few minutes heating in the deep fryer or oven and they’re ready to go.

    Each individual 10g portion consists of a simple yet satisfying combination of a succulent whole shrimp packed into rich filo pastry, mixed with sesame oil to give it an authentic Asian twist. They’re great on their own, or they pair exceptionally well with different dipping sauces or a cold beer.

    FF-OBCN-114, FF-OBCN-015
    10gm per piece x 100 pieces per box (1kg) x 6 boxes per carton
    10gm per piece x 100 pieces per box (1kg) x 12 boxes per carton


    Cooking Instructions
    Deep Fry: Preheat the oil to 170°C. Fry for 3-4 minutes or until golden brown.
    Oven Bake: Preheat the oven to 240°C. Spread the items evenly on a baking tray and bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.

    SHRIMP (CRUSTACEANS), WHEAT flour, water, vegetable oil (Palm), sweetener: sorbitol, salt, SESAME oil, pepper powder.

    Frozen Product
    Store at -18°C
    No need to defrost
    For best results, cook from frozen. If defrosted, do not refreeze.
    Net Weight: 1kg

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