Top 5 Easy and Unique Crispy Snacks to Try Out

Crispy snacks are indulgent comfort foods that have become a staple for people of all ages in Belgium and the Netherlands. Crunchy and crispy, these takeaway snacks enchant their fans with their burst of flavours and smoky aroma.

If you don’t have the time to go to a signature frying joint for a bite of these indulgent delights, here are five quick, easy, and yet exotic crispy snacks that take you just under 10 minutes to prepare!

Spring Rolls

The exotic spring rolls are the perfect fried snacks wherever you are, at home or at the office! Spring rolls are an Asian delight that includes a crunchy pastry skin (or rice paper in the case of Vietnamese spring rolls) and a filling of either proteins or vegetables.

OrienBites features an extensive collection of delicious spring rolls, each with a unique taste. These frozen spring rolls take just 8 minutes to fry before they turn golden brown and become delightful fried snacks that you know and love.

Tempura Shrimp

Spice up your snack party with this exotic treat from the Far East! Tempura shrimp are fried shrimp dipped in a special batter that gives them a characteristic crunchy texture. The shrimp are very lightly salted to preserve the umami taste.

OrienBites’ tempura shrimp are made by passionate artisans using traditional recipes and seasoning techniques. Just put our shrimp in preheated oil for 3 minutes or until golden brown, and you will have delicious fried snacks to enjoy for your home party. The joy of eating tempura shrimp is incomplete without the right dipping sauce, so don’t forget to unpack the accompanying sauce pack for double the fun!

Chicken Karaage

Nothing beats the good old fried chicken when it comes to fried snacks! Chicken karaage is a kind of fried chicken that comes from Japan, and the secret to its distinct flavour lies in the marinade. Unlike most fried chicken, chicken karaage is marinated before being fried, giving them a special texture and taste. In Japan, a good party after work is never completed without a side of good chicken karaage to enjoy!

OrienBites offers finger-sized chicken karaage that you can prepare at home in just 9 minutes. Marinated in our secret sauce, this delectable dish will sate your hunger and leave you wanting for more!


A traditional Indian comfort food, samosas are filling fried snacks that have recently taken Europe by storm with their exotic flavours and crispy texture. Encased in the golden-brown crispy skin is a mixture of exotic Asian herbs and delicious fresh vegetables. The moment you take a bite, the filling inside will melt in your mouth to create a harmonic symphony of flavours.

The OrienBites version of this iconic classic features finger-sized samosas with delicious mixed fillings. Preparation time can be as quick as 3 minutes, making this dish a perfect choice for a light homemade snack party.

Onion Bhaji

Another great snack from India! Onion bhajis are crispy snacks that are commonly served as starters in most Indian restaurants. Featuring authentic Indian spices such as cardamom and coriander, our version of onion bhajis is a superb finger food you can make in just 11 minutes. No extra preparations are needed!


Crispy snacks are beloved comfort food around the world, so there are always exotic snacks around the corner waiting for you to enjoy. If you ever get tired of the usual steak frites or French fries, check out our selection of delicious frozen Asian snacks. You might find your new favourite there!